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Dates & Deadlines - MJC
Loan Application: Dates of Availability and Disbursement Info. Applications Available to Eligible Students. 2021-2022 Loan Application. Fall 2021: September 13th, 2021 Spring 2022: January 31st, 2022 Disbursement Dates

Steps to Apply - MJC
Spring application is available online August 1 When applying to the college students may also apply for financial aid (FAFSA) and the Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver (BOG). Once the college has processed your application, you will be issued a student identification number, also referred to as a “W” number.

Application Information - MJC
Special Part-Time Students (High school or Junior high students over the age of 13) Special Part-Time Students must complete an online application in addition to the Special Part-Time Petition for Advanced Admission forms. The Advanced Admission forms are available to print and must be submitted in-person to the Enrollment Services Office.

[PDF] Submitting your MJC Application
The application is also available on-line. Note: CCCApply will provide links to financial aid information and applications after you submit this application. You can also find financial aid information at, and on most college websites. Submit My Application . MODESrO Cambiar

[DOC] 1 2 APPLICATION YOU SHOULD APPLY IF: Get the most aid ...
Application 2021-2022 APPLICATION Get the most aid available. Millions of dollars of financial aid go unused every year because students don’t think they will qualify, which in many cases isn’t true. The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) waives community college enrollment fees if you’re eligible.

New MJC mobile phone application is available now! - MJC
MJC is pleased to introduce the college’s new mobile phone application! This free mobile app provides students with a new way to access PiratesNet, Canvas, request a refund, and find their way around campus with maps. Mobile app users are able to view their schedule or grades, search for classes, look up information on parking, bus and shuttle transportation, important campus phone numbers ...

[DOC] Updated June 2020 - MJC
Applications are available online or in the Admissions Office. Students can register at their scheduled time or anytime thereafter during scheduled registration hours. The Modesto Junior College PiratesNet otters three options tor Internet-based registration. Please select the option below that best fits your needs:

[PDF] Transfer Application Guide 2021-2022
(majors) are available for you to choose. ... application, admissions requirements, etc. Be sure you enter the email address you check regularly. PAGE 10 I TRANSFER GUIDE 2021-2022 I CAL STATE APPLY LAST REVISED 9/11/20 . FIRST STEPS IN YOUR APPLICATION . Educational Status ...

Frequently Asked Questions - MJC
Complete the Work-Study application (available in the CalWORKs office) Complete the WTW6 to request a voucher to start the fingerprint process. Attach an up-to-date, accurate, professional looking resume. Q: Am I guaranteed CalWORKs work-study if I turn in an application? A: No. Once you turn in an application, it will be processed, we will ...

Federal & State Grants - MJC
FEDERAL GRANTS Federal Pell Grant. Pell grants are awarded to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor's or a professional degree, and is the largest source of free money from the federal government for students with financial need: . provides between $625 and $6,195 a year, depending on your expected family contribution (EFC), cost of attendance (COA) and whether you're attending ...