Job Placement Student Application

Please read the following Q & A and then complete the job placement quiz at the end of the page to continue with your application.

Q:  After submitting my job placement application, what's the next step?
A:  Please allow ONE working day to process your application. On the following day, look at the job board or website for any positions you may qualify and may want to apply. If you meet the requirements of the job announcement, come into the Career Development & Transfer Center during referral hours and complete one of the yellow referral request cards located on the left hand side of the job board. You will need to fill out a new referral card every time you want to request a job referral.

Q:  How long will my application remain on file?
A:  Your application is kept until the end of June each year. The application must be renew every August.

Q:  How many referrals can I get in a day?
A:  Two referrals per day. You must come into the Career Development & Transfer Center to obtain the referral and employer contact information.

Q:  Can I get job referrals at any anytime?
A:  No, referral hours are 9:00am – 4:00pm, unless otherwise posted.

Q:  When the job referral is given to me, does that mean the employer will contact me?
A:  No, the referral simply provides you with the information necessary to apply for the job. It will be up to you to present your qualification to the employer and make a good impression. Remember to always be prompt, polite and courteous since you are representing MJC.

Q:  How do we know if the job still is open?
A:  If the job is posted on the board or website, as far as we know, it is still open. We always ask employers to call us when a job closes, and we contact them for an update on the open position.

Q:  Do I need to tell you if I get hired?
A:  Yes! It is extremely important that you report that information to us. The higher the number of students we place, the better services we will be able to provide you in the future.

Q:  How often are new jobs posted on the board or the website?
A:  New jobs are posted as employers send new job listings.

Q:  After completing the job referral request form (yellow form), what is the next step?
A:  Give the referral request form to the person at the front desk and wait while we process your referral. The job referral will have the employer’s contact information, instructions on how to apply as well as the entire job posting information. You will also be given an Employer Follow-up Request that tells the employer you are an MJC student or alumni. The Employer Follow-up Request will have the job number, date, and your name as well as a place for the employer to sign and indicate whether you are being considered, hired, or not hired. As the employer completes and signs your Employer Follow-up Request, please return it to the Career Development & Transfer Center.

Q:  When should the employer sign my card? What if I am faxing or mailing my resume to the employer?
A:  The employer should sign your card during your interview. If you are faxing your resume to the employer, and you are called for an interview, bring the Employer Follow-up Request with you at the time of your appointment.

Q:  After applying for the position will the employer contact me if I get the job or the Job Placement Office?
A:  The employer decides who will be hired and will contact you if you have an interview and/or a job offer. If you did not get the job or an interview, you may not hear from the employer. If you want to know what happened but were never contacted, it will be your responsibility to follow up on the job.

Job Placement Quiz

How long after submitting the online job placement application can you get start getting job referrals?

How long is my application kept on file?

Referral hours are?

How many job referrals can you receive?

What should you do when you get hired?